Services and Rates

Overnights – for Dogs or Cats

$75/day for first two pets, $5/day for each additional pet

Overnight Rate includes: Pomeranian
    •    Your pet’s individual needs for walking, playing inside or out.  For a small dog, typically, one 30 minute walk per day, plus let out in fenced yard two – three times per day.  A more energetic dog may need three walks per day.
    •    Collect mail, newspapers, packages
    •    Turn on/off lights, open/close drapes or blinds
    •    Water indoor and outdoor potted plants
    •    Put out trash, recycleables when needed
    •    My companionship!  As much as my schedule will allow, beyond the typical pet sitter’s 10-12 hour shift.  At the minimum, one midday visit, but often I can stay much of the day.
    •    I am happy to email or text you daily updates to let you know how your “loved ones” are doing.

Cat Care Visit

$25 for 45 minutes

Maine Coone Cat Care Visit includes:
    •    Feed and give clean water
    •    Clean litter box
    •    Play with/scratch/love your cat
    •    Collect mail, newspapers, packages
    •    Water plants
    •    Put out trash, recyclables when needed

Complimentary Initial Visit, Key Pick Up

Please allow 30 – 45 minutes for consultation.  We will need to fill out some paperwork detailing instructions and allow your pet and I to get acquainted.

Key Return

Key return and any ensuing pick ups or returns – $20 per visit

Most clients prefer I keep a copy of their key on hand for their convenience.  If they need to go out of town on short notice, there is no need to schedule a key pick up, and the pick up and return fees are avoided.


Payment is expected at the time of service.