Enjoy peace of mind knowing somebody cares about your pet and your home as much as you do.

Your pet misses you when you are gone.  With Creature Comforts of Balto, your pet does not have to leave the familiarity of your home and established routines while you’re away, making your trip as stress free as possible – for both of you.   I'd be comfortable if you'd just let me take my nap...

I truly care for your pet’s mental well being as well as physical needs, and am glad to learn the little things you do that make your pet happy.  And yes, if requested, your pet is welcome to sleep in the same bed as me!

My greatest desire is that your pet be comforted while you are away…and that you are comforted knowing a stickler for details is taking care of your beloved pet and home while you’re gone.

Serving Baltimore, Baltimore County, and Harford County.Little Bear Out For A Walk2

Insured and bonded.